37 Quick and Effective Productivity Techniques: Simple, Practical Methods for Mastering Time Management, Overcoming Procrastination, and Getting Things Done

Time Management
If you're interested in finally taking charge of your life and kicking your productivity into high gear, then "37 Quick and Effective Productivity Techniques" is exactly the book you're looking for.Every page of this book is packed with simple, practical information on how to quickly and efficiently transform yourself into a person that never hesitates, produces massive quantities of value in your chosen field, and who GETS THINGS DONE.Inside, you'll discover a wide range of tips and advice, including: - How to free up massive amounts of time, while simultaneously accomplishing more.- The secret of being "selectively incompetent" (this may sound ridiculous, but mastering this concept might just save you from ever having to do "drudge work" again).- An easy mental "trick" that will allow you to make quick, calculated decisions in just 60-90 seconds so you can move on with your life and stop procrastinating.- A simple tweak that you can make to your working environment that will literally make you EXCITED to start working....and more!"37 Quick and Effective Productivity Techniques" is written in plain, easy to understand English (you won't find any complicated technical jargon here), and is designed to effortlessly lead you through the process of becoming massively productive, step by step, with absolutely nothing left out.So if you're serious about mastering time management, banishing procrastination, and finally achieving your goals, then "37 Quick and Effective Productivity Techniques" will show you how to finally get off your butt and live the life you've always wanted.Get your copy today!